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Help support a TC4 student worker traveling to Ghana

Hi Everyone! As some of you may know, I am graduating this year. I’m going to miss working with TC4, but I’m excited about what lies ahead. I was accepted into a summer fellowship program with Community Water Solutions, a non-profit organization that turns dirty, muddy surface water into clean drinking water in Tamale, Ghana. To give a brief synopsis, CWS does this by collecting the muddy water and adding alum (a substance that clumps the water together so it can be removed) and chlorine (to disinfect the water). These are materials women can find in their local markets. So, CWS teaches the methods they use to the women in the communities. The women then start their own water businesses – all of the profits stay within the community. Afterwards, all CWS does is check up on the businesses periodically. My main obstacle is raising $3,000 to cover all of my in-country expenses and the cost of implementing a water business. I will be raising money until¬†May 15th. Any amount counts. I appreciate all of your help! Here is the link to my page:¬†http://www.crowdrise.com/sarasghanago/fundraiser/sarabess

If you’d rather write a check, you can send it to:

Community Water Solutions

46 Ledgetree Rd.

Medfield, MA 0205

And include my name in the memo. Thank you very much!

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